Why Does Trophy Rock Work?



Long ago, in what is now central Utah, Native Americans noticed deer herds gathering to eat the soil. The animals had discovered the remains of an ancient sea bed, rich in salt and other natural minerals. Trophy Rock and Four65 come to you mined directly from this same ancient mineral deposit- nothing added, nothing removed.

We just take what nature made and pass it along to you. Like those who came before us, we trust nature’s perfect ratio of macro and micro trace minerals to help deer compensate for mineral deficient soils and browse.

In nature, the availability of the most abundant minerals is only as good as the availability of the least abundant minerals. Why limit your supplement sites to only a handful of minerals when it is a physiological fact that deer blood and Trophy Rock have exactly the same ratio of trace minerals making Trophy Rock a perfectly balanced mineral supplement for deer.

Trophy Rock products are a safe and cost effective way for deer on your property to restore electrolytes and much needed trace mineral for optimal growth all four seasons of the year